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Johnsons Reese Cup
Sire: Ewes My Rust on the Wire 
Dam: ewes My Chocolate Ditto
Whelped: May 23, 2005


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Reese is a very dark, and very well marked Liver/Parti. He weighs 6 1/2 pounds. He is a very ornery and playful little Guy. A little Guy with a BIG attitude. He thinks He's Alpha Mega! I know He's My little King Pin. I look forward to having many litters of Pups from Him, and I hope Their just like Him!
Update on Reese. As of July 30 2006, We lost Our Beloved little Guy. We were never able to use him as Stud, he was sick most of the time. After taking care of Him for so long, I can't tellYou how attached You get. After alittle over a year, we had alot of testing done. He was diagnosed with liver malfunction, he died from a liver shunt. A horrible death that I hope no one ever has to go through with any Beloved Pet. I miss Him so much sometimes but at least he's not suffering anymore. I'm sure Him and Our little Squirt are playing in Heaven.

Pedigree of "Johnsons Reese Cup"

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Ewes My Rust on the Wire     


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ewes My Chocolate Ditto

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